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The Founding Fathers believed that competition was in America’s DNA and should be central to the new country’s economic and political life.


The Competition Solution shows that consistent with that 200 year-old insight between 1968 and 2000 leaders of both American political parties promoted more intense competition despite fierce opposition from some of the country’s most powerful businesses and unions, e.g. trucking companies and the Teamsters, car companies and the UAW, Ma Bell and the communications workers. 


The resulting increased competition has done more to subdue inflation over the last 3 decades than the Federal Reserve.

Paul London has done a masterful job of explaining the prosperity of the 1990s, which exceeded our expectations. His is an entirely different perspective which defies conventional wisdom, takes much of the complexity out of international competition, and should be a must read for anyone interested in business.


             David Glass, former CEO of Wal-Mart, Dec. 2004





Written in 1975, “Merchants as Promoters of Rural Development – An Indian Case Study," is one of the first books on “privatization” in economic development. It draws on over 200 interviews with fertilizer and irrigation equipment merchants in Indian market towns.  These merchants,  often scorned by leftist governments and development experts, were key to the Green Revolution that made modern India possible.

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